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Handmade | Vegan Leather | Sustainable Luxury

Our Material

Our bag collection is made out of eco-friendly produced PU leather. We do not use any PVC, as this material is much more harmful to the environment. Wherever possible we have chosen to use recycled materials. Therefore the fabrics for all of our linings as well as the dust bags that come with each handbag are made from recycled PET bottles. We strongly believe in reusing materials wherever possible in order minimize waste which is a serious problem for our planet. We hope that in the future more and more companies will give plastic waste a second life by using it for their products and invest in innovative sustainable materials. 


There are already several new and very innovative materials which we will work with in the future, especially those made from 100% natural sources. There are for example several leather alternatives made from grape leaves, tree bark or mushrooms, just to mention a few. Some of them are fantastic and will revolutionize the fashion industry, but unfortunately not yet ready for commercial production. But we promise to keep our eyes wide open for everything that helps to combine our passion for beautiful things with the urge to not hurt other creatures or the planet. Sustainable fashion will be - and MUST be - the future. And with your decision to buy sustainable and cruelty-free products you are supporting one of the most important causes of all. 


Our Story

At Goldrad we have a deep love for everything fashion. But we do have an even deeper love for animals and our planet. This is why we have created a timeless line of high-end handbags that heralds a new era of luxury accessories - mindful vegan luxury. For our handmade collections we use only eco-friendly and cruelty-free materials. The fashion industry is one of the major polluting industries in the world, in fact it is the second largest. This is another reason why we have decided against throwing another mass product on the market. We believe in quality over quantity and only produce in limited editions of max. 200 pieces for all of our bag models. This way we avoid overproduction and also ensure that you will wear a very limited luxury item, made of sustainable and cruelty-free materials to cause as less harm as possible for nature and its inhabitants. We also want our customers to be aware of the fact that any purchase decision they make is affecting the planet. ​


For every new collection we will strive to find new and more sustainable and eco-friendly materials. We are already using eco-friendly PU for our bags and linings are made of recycled plastic bottles. Our dustbags are all made from eco-friendly or recycled materials. We work only with hand-picked and small handbag artisans that correspond with our very high ethical standards and make sure the manufacturers we work with qualify for the SA8000 standard certification. It is our mission to constantly improve what we do and to make our products even more environmentally friendly and ethically correct.

Each purchase includes a 5% donation for an animal or environmental organization. 

Goldrad is proud to officially carry PETA`s “Vegan Approved“ Label. 

Who We Are

Goldrad was founded in 2018 by Alex and Ruben Donath. They both grew up in California as well as in Europe. Alex studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute of Arts in West Hollywood and started her career as a professional music journalist for print magazines and global networks like MTV. She continued in public relations, later working for fashion brands like Tod’s, Marc Jacobs and Guess. She is an active and dedicated dog rescuer, saving and giving her own six dogs as well as various other rescued animals a loving and caring home. 


Ruben studied at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and works as a marketing expert, creating and building brands and communication concepts for Porsche, Escada, NBC Universal and UBS. The couple has been married for almost 10 years. Both have been passionate vegans for many years and are very active in promoting the vegan movement. 

Goldrad - Vegan & Sustainable Luxury - Designed in Switzerland.

Alex and Ruben Donath
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