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Handmade | Vegan | Sustainable Luxury

Our Story

At Goldrad we have a deep love for everything fashion. But we do have an even deeper love for animals and our planet.


We have been dedicated and active animal rescuers for many years and therefore it is our mission to only design products that are 100% vegan. We offer a wide variety of bags, fashion and lifestyle items and within all collections are constantly thriving to integrate sustainable materials. The fashion industry is one of the major polluting industries in the world, in fact it is the second largest. This is another reason why we have decided against throwing another mass product on the market. We also want our customers to be aware of the fact that any purchase decision they make is affecting the planet. ​Our collections are therefore either strongly limited editions (the classic bag line is limited to 200 pieces per model) or on-demand items (meaning, the product will only be made when it’s ordered). This way we avoid overproduction and also ensure that you will wear a very limited  item.


​Each purchase includes a 10% donation for an animal or environmental organization. 

Goldrad - Vegan & Sustainable Luxury - Designed in Switzerland.


Our first classic collection is made out of eco-friendly produced PU leather. Therefore the fabrics for all of our linings as well as the dust bags that come with each handbag are made from recycled PET bottles. We strongly believe in reusing materials wherever possible in order minimize waste which is a serious problem for our planet. As for all upcoming collections, we try to use use recycled or sustainable materials as much as possible. 


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