Frequently asked questions

Facebook Support Page and Private Forum

Operation PTSD Support currently has two facebook pages. One is Op PTSD Support Page which is open to the public and the other is a private facebook support group. The second group is a forum, ONLY for partners and carers of Veterans with PTSD Averaging about 400 active members at any one time, our private group has members ranging from 19 through to 75 years of age, which means there is always someone you can relate to and talk to. All members are in the same boat and are living with and loving someone with PTSD. For further details on this private support group you will need to send a message to Donna Reggett through the Op PTSD Support page.

Reading Resources

OP PTSD has a range of resource books that it donates to libraries in districts and schools, some may be available for your use depending on your location. For a list of reading material that can be purchased online please click here

Social Inclusion Events & Activities

OP PTSD Support organises many social inclusion events and activities that our members enjoy. Coffee mornings, luncheons, craft groups, dance classes, self-esteem boosting activities, social get togethers and other fun activities are held regularly. Whilst we occasionally hold a function where your partner (the PTSD Sufferer) is invited, these respite events are normally catered only for the carers. To see a list of our current events please visit our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/opptsdsupport/events/

Respite Retreats

We raise money to fund 4 major respite retreats, for our members, in Australia each year. These are held at St George Defence Suites at Rainbow Bay (Gold Coast) in February, May, August and November each year. Other craft and sewing retreats are held throughout the year. To see a list of our current events or to learn more please visit our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/opptsdsupport/events/

Debt Assistance Information

OP PTSD Support is unable to support our members with grant money to cover debt, however our welfare officers are able to help you apply for assistance through many other organisations. Please contact Donna or Jenny for further information.

Discounted Legal Assistance

We are supported by Richard Zande & Associates Ipswich who assist our members, with their legal issues and queries, all at discounted rates. Whilst they specialise in family, estate law, criminal law and conveyancing, their solicitors and staff are also knowledgeable in military law, military compensation and ComSuper. If you are in need of legal advice please visit Richard Zande & Associates at http://www.richardzande.com.au 07 32811633

Raising Awarness

OPPTSD is currently trying to raise awareness with local councils and authorities in regards to: Real support and education for the families when a veteran is diagnosed, assistance whilst the veteran is in hospital, through the transition process and beyond. Real support that is practical and helpful. Housing: When a member is medically discharged at Category A, unable to work, their incapacity payments do not include rent assistance as their wages did when serving. If these troops do not have a home, their chances of ever getting one diminishes. We are asking for some assistance by providing access to housing in a similar way to housing commission or state housing, or assisting with rent buy schemes.